Mearns Hash House Harriers & Harriettes

  Directions to Mearns Hash House Harriers & Harriettes Next Run


Run No 829


                                               MH4 Run No 829  11.00am This Saturday 19 December 2020


In order to participate in this "Organised exercise", you must provide your contact details & adhere to the Covid Guidelines attached - PLEASE READ THEM

(Same rules apply as last time - see attached if you haven't read them. But remember we are now in Tier 3, so do not invite people from without Aberdeenshire or Aberdeen.)


Run site: Durris TV Mast access road Car park at bottom of hill.


Directions: On Slug Road (A957), as road descends from summit on north side at end of trees, there is a sharp bend , with track at outside of bend with parking area. Pass this and proceed through trees past cottage on right & car park is just ahead of you


for map paste plain text into your browser:-,791485&st=4&ar=y&mapp=map.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=529&ax=376087&ay=791485&lm=1


Map Coordinates: 3761 7985


Hare: Bruce Almighty









                                                                                                                   On Inn:

 BYO or find Bruce Almighty's car. He usually has plenty carefully hidden in the boot. Just needs a good rummage when he's otherwise distracted!



MAPPING (see Facebook or email for the map)



Run Date :    19th December 2020.    Time : 11am

Hare : Bruce Almighty


Covid 19 Information:

  • MH4 Safety and Covid-19 Guidelines 23 September 2020
    During the Covid-19 crisis, it is currently understood that MH4 can run as an “Organised Sport”
    provided the following guidelines are met. Please, however, consider all warnings issued by official
    bodies regarding your own personal/family risk factors and be aware that these may change at any
    It is understood that we can undertake organised outdoor exercise as described in the Scottish
    Government guidance as it currently exists on 22 Sep 2020.
    This specifically states that:
    Gatherings and occasions
    Gatherings inside or outside for social interactions and which include more than one household are
    stilllimited except for the following exceptions:
    which includes
    - to take part in organised exercise.
    To participate:-
    Register prior to the commencement of the run, providing your contact details (preferably
    mobile) & the names of everyone in your party. (This info will be kept for 21 days, or
    longer, if you elect to participate in future.)
    Have a mask with you and use it when required, eg., if you are registering at the run site.
    Remember, it is your own personal responsibility to adhere to any legal requirements that may
    subsequently be issued.
    Personal space
    Don’t car share beyond your own personal household.
    Maintain minimum 2 metre physical distancing. Maintain the recommended distance as
    per official guidelines – no hugging, kissing, handshakes, elbow bumps or foot kicking
    Enlarge the circle to ensure adequate personal space.
    Don’t run close on the heels of the runner in front – give some space at bottlenecks, eg.,
    narrow tracks/fences/obstacles. No-one (other than your own household) can help you
    over obstacles, so bear this in mind if you choose to participate.
    Bring your own refreshments/snacks& definitely no Down Downs after the run.
    No On Ins in pubs, restaurants or people’s homes.
    Run sites
    Use only remote country locations with few other people – No town runs or runs from
    busy car parks – parking may be problematic, especially with no car sharing, but we
    need to try.
    Other forms of contact transmission
    Bring your own hand sanitiser/method of hand cleansing. Use, as a minimum, before and
    immediately after the run.
    Bring you own paper tissues to use on the run. Use them on the run – don’t spit or
    discharge mucous, retain the tissues for safe disposal in your own home.
  • No money will be collected – runs will be free of charge.
    No refreshments or snacks will be provided.
    All runners take their own rubbish home fo safe disposal.
    You personally remain responsible for assessing the risk associated with your own/families safety.
    MH4 are not experts in this matter and you must make your own assessment regarding how you
    keep yourself safe.
    Hopefully this will allow us to start running again.
    In addition to specific risks associated with Covid-19, there are also inherent safety risks associated
    running in the countryside, details of which can be found on our website.
    PARTICIPATION WARNING (Non-Covid related)
    Hashing activities are “Assumed Risk” physically demanding outdoor pursuits that may carry attendant risks.>
    Participants in Mearns Hash House Harriers & Harriettes (MH4) events should be aware of and accept these risks, and
    be responsible for their own actions and involvement.
    Children are permitted to attend events, if accompanied by a responsible “Adult”. The “Adult” should be aware of and
    accept that they remain responsible for their children, including assessing the children’s ability to handle the attendant
    risks, during the entire MH4 event. MH4 has no facilities to cater for & manage children. Also Protect your eyes while
    running among trees. Should anyone take a dog to the run/ event, it>is the responsibility of the owner to ensure their dog
    is kept under control. (Remember, we run in the country & there may be farm animals in the vicinity. Participants
    should also be aware of the risk of tick bites & good information regarding precautions can be obtained on the internet.)






Mineralwell Park, Stonehaven. In S/haven,opposite tennis courts, turn up minor road on South side of Cowie & after 1km park in car park at railway viaduct