Mearns Hash House Harriers & Harriettes

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Run : 793


           Run Location :                



                                                                                  Run No 793  7.00pm Thursday 13th June 2019    

(alternate Thursdays & last Saturday of month during summer)
Run Site:  Rear of Maryculter Parish Church 
On B977 South Deeside road, turn south up minor road immediately opposite the (now closed) Old Mill Inn. Road goes up hill and turns sharp right. Take road first on left also up hill, pass Maryculter Parish church on left, turn 1st left & double back left down v.minor road at back of church. Park at road end.
As to getting off the AWPR at an appropriate point, I'll leave that to you!
OS Grid Ref: 3858 7993     Hare: LongShank            OnIn: 
 On Inn:






Run Date :  2019 Time : 7pm


Hare : 






Mineralwell Park, Stonehaven. In S/haven,opposite tennis courts, turn up minor road on South side of Cowie & after 1km park in car park at railway viaduct